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There are many roles and responsibilities within the supply chain and logistic process that need to work together to remain efficient and effective. 

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We assign a dedicated team to assist you 24/7. From pick up to delivery, you have access to our team for questions, shipment updates, and delivery confirmations. With our 24/7 support, you’re never in the dark with your transportation.

Jared and Aurel at Long Haul Trucking have always made sure that my business is num ber one priority to them! Great job Guys       

Dave U.

CEO, Gresham Transfer

As a non profit that serves the communities across the world, we have to be sure that who moves our supplies always gets it right and on time.


Owner, Life and Hope Relief

In today’s one world economy, I have to be sure who I work with has my back and gets the work done like Long Haul Trucking does.


Supply Chain Director, JRMZ Inc

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